Coastix Photo Coasters

Coastix Photo Coasters
Coastix- “Sip coffee and enjoy your memories”.

Coasters are something that people don't really pay attention to. Their sole purpose is to prevent a drink from spilling on the table. And, the store-bought ones usually have very forgettable floral or geometric designs. What if something as boring as coasters could be made memorable and enjoyable to look at? Coastix has come up with a cool new idea to save physical copies of your pictures in a coaster.
The coasters comprise of two transparent plates with four little magnets in the four corners that connect the plates together. One can place their picture inside the coaster and the magnets keep everything held in place. Coastix's idea is so creative and yet so simple. When you think about it, coasters are the perfect things to share photos in. While having guests over and serving them coffee, the pictures will be far more visible than if it was hanging on a wall. Coffee or tea time is the perfect setting to showcase and discuss your best memories!
Coastix will enable the users to reminisce about the time they visited the pyramids of Giza or the time they went to see the Northern Lights in Scandinavia.  In a world that is so obsessed with everything digital and sharing and liking (oversharing!) images online, it is nice to go back to basics and have physical photos. So, it's great for people who are not fond of social media or not very technical but who also love to share their memories.
Using Coastix is quite simple. All you need to do is take a picture, print the photo and use the provided stencil to crop it to the size of the Coastix. The great thing about it is, you can use a range of images. Whether it is pictures of you traveling the world on your or drawings your kids made for you. You no longer have to use the fridge to showcase your kids' creativity and make them feel proud! If you ever get bored with the pictures, easily swap them for more memorable photos.
The Coastix are about 5mm thick and 102mm x 102mm in width and height. The Coastix plates have amazing clarity, their transparency is around 4% greater than that of glass. These unique coasters have grips at the bottom to prevent them from moving around. The plates are secured well by the magnets, so you don't have to worry about drinks spilling onto your photos and damaging them. Coastix has a very well thought-out design, from the easy-to-use magnets to the beveled cutout to easily lift up the plate when you want to swap a picture. With Coastix, you can share your memories in a relaxed, sociable setting. Unlike social media platforms like Instagram, you won't be thinking about likes or comments and you won't be comparing yourself to everyone else! Currently, Coastix is on Amazon.
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