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PrismBrim™ Sunnies

PrismBrim™ Sunnies

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Catch That Shine, Bro: PrismBrim™ Sunnies

Hey there, you sun-soaked legend! Say aloha to PrismBrim™ Sunnies – your ticket to catching epic rays while slaying the style game. Slip on these rad shades and cruise the wave of cool, 'cause when these babies are on, you're not just rocking shades – you're taking center stage 🌞🤙

Bros! Get ready to ride the wave of epic style with PrismBrim™ Sunnies, the ultimate statement accessory for dudes who want to roll with the cool crowd.

Check It: These aren't just shades; they're your ticket to unlocking a whole new level of stoke in your fashion game. Imagine sliding into those PrismBrim™ Sunnies and instantly turning heads – it's like catching a perfect wave every time you step out.

Dude, Dial In: PrismBrim™ Sunnies don't just shield your eyes; they amplify your vibe. Whether you're cruising the streets, chilling on the beach, or just owning life, these sunnies become part of your signature style.

So, What's the Move? Grab yourself a pair of PrismBrim™ Sunnies, because when you rock these shades, you're not just accessorizing – you're making a bold statement about who you are and what you're all about.

Time to shine, bro! 🤙


Polarization+ with UV400 

What Is The Difference Between A Polarized Lens & a Polarized+ UV400 Lens?

The polarization of a lens doesn’t mean that the lens is protecting your eyes from UV rays, and equally a lens that is able to block 100% of UV rays up to 400 nanometers doesn’t mean that the lens is protecting your eyes from the effects of surface glare. However, it is widely considered that UV400 lenses are more important for protecting your eyes long term when compared to the benefits of Polarized lenses.

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